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A Support Network for Film Industry Professionals

Do you know a film industry professional? The Writer's Guild of America and the Screen Actor's Guild are on strike. While its important for us to support our union kin in their efforts to obtain a fair contract, this also creates challenges for film families that are now out of work.

Do you have a home woodworking project, or need to find a special gift? Many of these talented people have a side hustle. You can support these film industry professionals by visiting their stores and hiring their services.

Welcome. The goal of this site is to provide web space for film industry professionals to network and explore outlets for their creative and work pursuits during the strike. This site is not an employer, or an employment agency. While I cannot provide individual recommendations, or referrals, I can say that the members of my film family are some of the most talented and hard working people I've known. I hope you'll take this opportunity to get to know a little more about them and their work. Thanks for visiting!

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Everyone on this list is an independent contractor. Each artist and craftsperson will set their own rates and schedule their own work.


Atlanta and surrounding areas


Mike Ellison

Pressure washing house, driveways, patios, roofs, fences and patios.

Free estimates




Home Improvement

Mike Ellison

We do pressure/soft washing for driveways , sidewalks, houses, fences, roofs and patios.

Free estimates




Arts & Crafts

Shana McKay Burns

Cards & Stationery for the Kid in all of Us | I’ve been doodling these colorful little characters for more than 10 years. They’re now available in my ETSY shop as a digital download. I hope you’ll check them out.

starting @ $2.25


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What Does a Film Crew Do? Take a Look...More to Follow!

Costume Design & Construction

Prop Construction

Set Construction & Lighting

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